Production Runs

Use one of the largest 3D print farms in the country

With over 100 machines at our disposal, our own internally developed materials, and an active staff of technicians working around the clock, we consider ourselves as efficient as anyone could be when it comes to running hundreds or even thousands of parts.

No upfront costs.

No tooling/molds are needed.

No risk.

Change your design at any time.

No waiting.

Start production today.

Is 3D printing economical for production?

… maybe!


3D printing is both the fastest and slowest way to make something. With a 3D printer, you can potentially have the first part produced in a matter of hours. Compare that to traditional methods, which can take months, and that’s incredibly fast. However, those traditional methods can then produce parts in a matter of seconds, at which point 3D printing is now incredibly slow. As a result, 3D printing tends to be great for low to medium volume production runs.

Set-Up Cost

Using traditional methods, there is often a substantial set-up cost involved. This could easily involve tens of thousands of dollars for something simple, while complex projects can quickly move into hundreds of thousands in set-up costs. By comparison, the set-up cost for 3D printing is often under $50. Once again, this tends to mean that 3D printing is great for low to medium volume production runs.

Aesthetics and Quality

3D printing is an industry where aesthetics and quality come at a premium. There are 3D printers that cost a few hundred dollars, and there are 3D printers that cost a few hundred thousand dollars. We use both. Not surprisingly, the costs associated with this can be all over the place. As a result, customers are encouraged to keep an open mind about their options, and we suggest you book a meeting with us to learn more.