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GreyPRO Resin

Stronger than STANDARD resin for mechanical parts.

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276x155x400 mm

Large SLA

Big and beautiful.

Post Processing

Our parts finishers are artists with years of experience making beautiful things.

TPU (rubber like)

Shore 95A


FDM (filament based) materials

strong, economical | learn more


Versatile, cost-effective, and perfect for prototyping.

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Robust, tough, and great for mechanical parts.

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Elastic, durable parts that can bend and compress.

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Standard Resin

High resolution, smooth surface finish, and beautiful aesthetics.

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Engineering grade properties with moderate elongation.

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Durable Resin

Rigid, yet flexible. Low friction. Great for tabs and snap-fits.

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SLA (resin based) materials

beautiful, smooth | learn more

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