Large Models

Up to 600x600x600mm (or more)

3D printing large models is one of our specialities! We can produce parts up to 600x600x600mm as a single piece. For even larger models, we can print them in sections and bond them together.

Great for jigs/fixtures, architectural models, film props, art displays, or anything that's big.

Which Material Should I Use?

When producing large parts, the best materials for the job are PLA, PLA Pro, and PETG. These are low-shrink, low-warp materials that are suitable for a wide range of prototyping and engineering applications.

Finishing and Post-Processing

Anyone who owns a 3D printer knows how cumbersome and challenging post-processing can be, and this is especially true for larger prints. Properly handling these parts requires not just technical skills, but true craftsmanship. This is why we proudly recruit some of the most talented artists in San Diego for the job. Their unique abilities ensure every project meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

Complex? Bulky? Great!

Large parts often take on complex shapes, but complexity isn't complicated for a 3D printer. Moreover, 3D printing makes it possible to produce a sparse infill (vs solid), allowing for large parts to be produced with little material.

Our Machines and Experience

At Incept 3D, we love to build 3D printers, and we love to build them big! By producing our own machines, we have the freedom to constantly innovate, ensuring we’re always at the forefront with the latest and greatest hardware. Beyond this, we believe it’s not just about the car you drive, it’s how you drive it. Our team of 3D printing veterans has seen it all, and we incorporate the best slicing techniques out there for guaranteeing the finest results with every print.

Have us take a look at your project!

Have us take a look at your project!