Our Most Ambitious Architecture Project Yet

Mar 5, 2024

We transformed an unprintable Revit file into a full-color, highly detailed, show-quality model. It features a removable roof, ornate carpet details, landscaping, and more. We're excited to present a project we completed for Benton & Benton Architects and the Greater San Diego Muslim Community Center.

3D Modeling and Data Preparation

Creating an architectural model involves more than a 3D printer. We received a Revit model scaled to full size. However, a 3D printer cannot process this type of file, and simply scaling it down will cause issues. At the most basic level, elements like windows and doors become too thin to print. We needed to thicken features and optimize the design to avoid a cartoonish or disproportionate look. At a more advanced level, we designed features like a removable roof, which obviously aren’t part of the actual building.

Creative Design and Customized Slicing

The ornate carpet is one of the model's standout features. We converted a carpet image into a vector file, then extruded it into 3D and programmed the color changes into the slicing software. This allowed us to accurately replicate the design in full color, straight off the 3D printer. This specific technique comes from our experience in designing and producing hundreds of customized tap handles for local breweries, and it’s evident throughout the model.

Post Processing and Artwork

After assembling the 3D printed components, our team of artists completed the model. While most of the model is 3D printed, we incorporated off-the-shelf artificial grass and landscaping to enhance the appearance. The result is a stunning, true-to-life model with a removable roof.

It was a rewarding experience to work on this project, and we can’t wait to see the buildings in real life. We extend our thanks to Benton & Benton Architects and the Greater San Diego Muslim Community Center for this opportunity.