Introducing Formfactories Software

Mar 20, 2024

Formfactories is the powerhouse software that runs Incept 3D. Crafted from years of experience by our in-house team, Formfactories is designed to streamline every facet of a 3D printing operation. And now, we're excited to offer it to you. Whether you're a for profit 3D printing operation or running an internal service within your organization, this software will save you and your team countless hours and ensure projects get out the door on time.

Project Submission and Instant Pricing

Your customers, or coworkers, can easily put in requests for projects. Whether they have files ready or nothing more than an idea, you can open up on conversation, land on the right path forward, and ultimately drag and drop 3D files into the project. From there, they can instantly review all costs and pricing metrics. Once approved, you will then put your operation to work 3D printing their parts.

Project Management

Keep your projects on track with ease. Sort through hundreds or even thousands of projects using filters like materials, machines, due dates, and more. Stay on top of file revisions, machine build files, and production metrics, all within an intuitive interface. Collaboration is key, and Formfactories understands this. With chat rooms and tools for team communication and information sharing, it offers a crisp, responsive environment, with everything happening in real time.

Customer Service

Keep your customers or coworkers up to speed on their project. Anyone can sign up for your enterprise, and you can chat with them directly through the portal. The software will also send out e-mails incase they aren’t logged in to see your messages, and you can generate standard e-mail templates to be sent out as projects move through production.

Machine Management

Keep a maintenance log for all of your machines, schedule periodic routine maintenance, flag machines that are down, and guarantee the highest up-time.


Manage all of your inventory and set notifications to let your team know when to restock.


Quotes, packing slips, invoices, and more are all at your disposal with the click of a button.


Keep track of how much money you’re making, how many parts you’re producing, how often your machines are down, and more.

Cloud / Browser Based

And the best part? It's all browser-based. No downloads, just seamless updates and new features pushed through the cloud, constantly evolving with inputs from our team and users like you.

Try it out for free.

If managing a fleet of 3D printers is your world, let Formfactories be your guide. Try it for free and discover how it can revolutionize your operations, save time and money, and deliver precisely what your clients need, swiftly and accurately.

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