3D Printing Bones from CT Scans

Feb 4, 2024

3D printing bone replicas from CT scans is one of our specialties at Incept 3D, and the process is straightforward.

Two Steps

1. Acquire your DICOM dataset.

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the common file type in the medical imaging industry. Contact the hospital or laboratory where the scan was performed, and request the DICOM dataset. These datasets typically consist of thousands of images and can be large in size. You will likely receive a secure link to download the data or obtain it on a portable USB drive.

2. Send us your DICOM dataset.

Once you have the dataset, you’re ready to proceed. Send us the DICOM dataset through our submit files portal or email us a link from any common file-sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). We will review the files and generate a 3D model at no cost to you. We'll then send you screenshots of the results, along with a quote for 3D printing your models.

Common Applications

The most common applications we come across are 3D printing models for surgical review prior to opening the body, educational models for universities, and law firms to use in personal injury cases.

Limitations (Primarily Bones)

Our 3D printing capabilities are not limited to bone replicas, but our current focus is on processing bone data due to the clear visibility of bones in scans. Soft tissue imaging requires more specialized medical imaging expertise, which may necessitate closer collaboration with your team for 3D conversion.

Educational Discounts

Are you representing a medical institution or university that might need many models for educational purposes? We are eager to assist with this. We believe that 3D printing is a highly underutilized game-changer in education, offering students the opportunity to examine lifelike representations of conditions without the need for dissection or cadaver study. Your libraries and classrooms should be equipped with these types of models. Let us help enrich your educational resources with innovative 3D models.

Reach Out

We would love to hear from you, answer any questions you might have, or provide a quote for your 3D models. Feel free to reach out to us using the Submit Files button at the top of our website, via e-mail at support@incept3D.com, or by booking a meeting. Hope to hear from you soon.