October Newsletter

Hello from the Incept 3D Team!

It’s been a busy ten years for us. From a garage in Kearny Mesa to a manufacturing facility in Sorrento Valley, we have evolved into one of Southern California’s top 3D printing service bureaus, now running over 100 3D printers! Here’s some of the exciting new stuff we’ve been working on.

Large Format SLA

We now offer high resolution resin printing for large parts, up to 276x155x400 mm. | learn more

Now Offering TPU

Combining properties of plastic and rubber, TPU produces elastic, durable parts that can compress. Additionally, TPU is resistant to oils, greases, and a variety of solvents. | learn more

Medical Models

We now offer the unique ability to 3D print anatomical models, straight from CT Scans (DICOM datasets). Our printers have the capability to produce extremely lifelike/museum quality medical models and fossils. | learn more

We hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy in this unprecedented time. The Incept 3D team chose to take this time to grow the company and evolve into our new normal. Have a wonderful month, and we’ll see you again in November!

Incept 3D Team

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