Currently fighting COVID-19 with $2.00 face shield kits.

Our 3D printed face shield kits allow the ease of using a 3 hole punch to cut the shield. This can be a basic binder sheet (included) or .5mm thick PETG sheets (medical professionals). learn more

Our Kit

Each kit has a headband, bottom stabilizer, and binder sheet. Use a 3 hole punch to make new sheets for your kit out of better materials like .5mm PETG sheets (hospitals).


We are working around the clock, supplying multiple thousands/week.

In the Field

We are providing binder sheets and asking our buyers to locally source .5mm PETG sheets (shown above). From there, you just need a standard 3 hole punch.

Binder Sheets?

The 3D printed parts will work many materials.  We are providing binder sheets (low end).  For hospitals, ideally you will trade these out later for .5mm sheets of PETG once available.  A 3 hole punch is all you need.

.5 mm PETG Sheets?

To upgrade the kit, check local plastic suppliers for .02 inch (.5mm) sheets, or close, of PETG:

  • 8.5 inches (216 mm) x 11 inches (280mm)

  • .02 inch (.5mm) thick

  • punch holes with a 3 hole punch


The 3D printed parts are made out of PETG [as well]. We recommend the disinfection processes here. That's not our product specifically, but we are a "branch" off that design, and made from the same material.

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